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Covid-19: Canada’s humane response to International students

Canada’s response to tackling the Covid-19 pandemic is praised worldwide, especially Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s leadership role.
Every Canadian who lost their jobs or income has been given C$ 2,000 per month under CERB (Canadian Emergency Response Benefit) from mid-March to survive and cope well with the pandemic. There are two million job losses in Canada until Mid-may.
And the government did not forget the student community, around 2.1 million post-secondary students, of which close to 650,000 are international students. Those who qualify are given C$1,250 each month, while students with disabilities are given 1,750 every month for three months.

The picture shows a group of students at a unnamed Canadian college classroom.
International students in Canada who are being affected by Covid-19, are also eligible to get Canadian Emergency Respond Benefit (CERB). Photo: Unsplash

Canada Emergency Student Benefit
For post-secondary students and recent graduates who are ineligible for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit or Employment Insurance, but who are unable to find full-time employment or are unable to work due to COVID-19, the government proposes to introduce the Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB). These represent an investment of approximately $9 billion.

  • The CESB would provide $1,250 per month for eligible students from May through August 2020;
  • Students with dependents and those with permanent disabilities will get $1,750 a month.
  • This new grant would provide income support to post-secondary students who will experience financial hardship over the Summer due to COVID-19.
  • CRA will deliver the CESB and more details will be communicated. (Source:

The government has also offered sector-wise support like up to 75% wage subsidy and rental assistance for small businesses.
Meanwhile, Canada recorded the fourth consecutive year of double-digit growth (13%)in enrolment of international students, and the total stood at 642,480. Canadian educational institutions welcomed 74,350 students in 2019; 65% of those students came from India.

This pictures is chart that shows the country-wise growth of international students between 2015 and 2019.

Over the past five years, international student numbers in Canadian institutions have grown by 82%, according to IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada).