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Creating a network of ‘solutionaries’

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Fellowships not only groom students to become responsible impact-makers but also alert citizens and holistic individuals.

India’s educational landscape is changing rapidly. According to The Hindu newspaper, the new National Education Policy is focusing on introducing innovative pedagogies and learning techniques in the education system.

Several institutes of higher education, especially for liberal arts, have been spearheading the discourse on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary education and changing the definition of advanced learning while also joining the international education system for wider scope and opportunities.

However, this has been changing in the recent past. Many students are now choosing to stay in the country for their higher education.

Through worldwide philanthropic movements, educators looked for and found opportunities where students could network and benefit from shared knowledge resources. A move to build an environment that provided hands-on learning and experiences was undertaken.

Programs were curated to provide tools to understand social landscapes and train students for life-long learning. As a result, teachers, policy-makers, social entrepreneurs, architects, academics, and others made room for young cause-driven individuals and supported creating an environment that cultivates curiosity. Such programs were offered as fellowships.

Creating a network of ‘solutionaries’

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