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Internationalization of higher education: The Canadian perspective

Internationalization of higher education is defined as the process of integrating the international and intercultural dimension into the teaching, research, and service functions of the educational institutions.
In the inter-connected world, like many other sectors, internationalization is a crucial feature in higher education.
Canada positioned itself in a leading spot in the internationalization process as the country witnessed an exponential growth in international students’ intake in the past decade or so.
Canada witnessed a 185% increase in international students’ intake between 2010 and 2019, which is a manifestation of the success in the internationalization process.

Students from the top 20 counties as per their citizenship are as follows:

This is chart shows the number of international students came to Canada in 2017 from different nationalities.
Source: CBIE

According to CBIE (Canadian Bureau of International Education), Canada accepted 642,480 international students at all levels of studies in 2019, which is 13% higher than the previous year.
However, 34% of those students came from Indian, while 22% are from China.

The fastest-growing countries between 2017-19 are as follows:

This image is a chart that shows the increase of international students in Canada from 2017 to 2019.
Source: CBIE

The following chart shows the number of international post-secondary students in Canada:

This image shows that the highest number of Indian students came to Colleges while highest number of Chinese students came for Universities.
Source: CBIE

K-12 level students with the country of origin are as follows:

This picture shows the comparison between primary and secondary schools.
Source: CBIE

The data shows the majority of students come to Ontario (48%), followed by 23% to British Columbia and 14% to Quebec.
According to a survey, three reasons international students prefer Canada as their top study destination. These are 1) quality of education, 2) tolerant and non-discriminatory society, and 3) safe country.
In terms of top destinations for international students, Canada is in the fourth position after China, the United Kingdom, and the USA.