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Oman extends ‘Omanisation’ by giving locals higher education jobs

Nizwa city view

Oman pushed forward its program of replacing foreign workers with locals on Sunday with a decision to allocate many jobs at higher education establishments to citizens, the labor ministry said.

Oman’s government has in recent weeks intensified along-standing policy, known as Omanisation, to create employment opportunities for its citizens to help shore-up an economy weakened by low oil prices and the coronavirus crisis, Reuters reports from Dubai.

In the latest move to create jobs for Omanis, the ministry of labor on Sunday said jobs in administration, finance, student affairs, and student and career guidance would be given to Omanis in the country’s 28 private higher education institutions.

Omanis will replace foreigners in those positions when existing work permits expire, the ministry said.

Gulf states rely heavily on expatriate workers in sectors ranging from financial services to healthcare and construction.

Foreign workers in Oman fell by 15.7% during 2020, 4.2% in2019, and 3.6% in 2018, national statistics agency data shows.

The number of foreign workers in the Gulf state began to fall in 2018, has risen year on year before then, national data since 2004 shows.

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