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Photo feature: Life in a day of a student

The first hurdle of an international student is over when she/he gets his visa to fly to Canada. The second phase of student life can be even harder for some as they need to settle in a new environment and a multicultural setting. Here, the EduFirst News prepared a photo feature on how an international student my experience a single day.

A female student at work at home.
The first thing most international students do every morning is to check the weather report, their emails, important messages on the learning platform (D2L or Moodle), and other tasks so that they can organize the day. Weather reports help them in choosing the kind of clothes they need to wear. Photo Credit: Pexels
A female student apparently starting her day with a cup of coffee.
A quick breakfast and a cup of tea or coffee to get ready for the class; many students got to campus cafeteria. Photo Credit: Pexels
A female lecturer at the lecture theatre.
Then it’s time for the class. In Canadian schools, you will have very interactive sessions with your teachers and peers. It is important to listen to your teacher attentively, taking notes, and sharing your insights to add value to the class. Photo Credit: Pexels
Three student taking part in a class work.
In class, there are a few team activities. The participation in teamwork reflects on the score in most cases. Photo credit: Pexels
Students engage at a group work.
Group assignments carry a large portion of the total mark in any course. Usually, students meet up with their teammates after class and work together on their assignments at the library or breakout room. Photo Credit: Pexels
A female students browsing books at a library.
The School library is an excellent source of resources for your assignments. You will also have access to the online library where you can find direct links to many resources. Photo Credit: Pexels
A student doing homework.
Many students prefer to spend time in a quiet place in a library to complete their assignments to avoid distractions. Photo Credit: Pexels
A female student engrossed in her studies at a library.
Students usually keep snacks and fruits to get energized throughout the day. Due to busy schedule, most students do not like to spend time cooking or bringing heavy meals at school. However, it varies from culture to culture and the food habit of the student. It is important to make sure you are eating healthy food that contains enough nutrients. Photo Credit: Pexels
A student with a heavy rucksack apparently heading home from the campus.
After a busy day on campus, many students go to work as international students are allowed to work part-time in Canada. Those who do not have work go home or hang out with friends. Probably you will need to cook dinner for yourself as it helped save some money. Photo Credit: Pexels
Two female students engage at a project work.
Sometimes, students prefer to work on group projects at home in a peaceful environment if there is a pleasant environment. Photo Credit: Pexels
Story by Shourav Mahbub