“Knowledge becomes evil if the aim be not virtuous.”
– Plato


Key Work Areas

Education in the digital age is our core theme. We also work in related fields like career & soft skills development, and how to adopt the right success strategy.
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Success Strategies

Success Strategies is our flagship program. We call it Triple-S that denotes three strategies – Education Success Strategy, Career Success Strategy and Life Success Strategy. We use scientific methods and tools in identifying the right strategy for you.

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EduFirst News

EduFirst News is the news service of the EduFirst Education Consultants. We will be providing credible news on education and related fields like career and skill development. We will also be covering international students diaspora in Canada and elsewhere.

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EduFirst Academy

With around 4.5 billion of world’s 7.6 billion people are now connected to the internet, education is no longer confined in classroom. We will be offering courses on success strategies in education & career, skill development, soft skills and learning English.

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EduFirst Digital

The world is now digital. EduFirst Digital is the digital wing of the EduFirst Education Consultants. In addition to producing digital content, we will offer digital services like E-learning, content creation, website design and digital marketing for educational institutions and other stakeholders.


Our Services

We maintain Canadian standard and guidelines in all our services.
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  • Interest and Personality Assessment
  • Education Success Strategy
  • Career Success Strategy
  • Life Success Strategy
  • Skill-based Curricula Design & Revision
  • Study in Canada as International Student
  • Canadian Immigration and Visa Support

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  • One-week SSS (student success strategy) Module
  • One-week CSS (career success strategy) Module
  • Soft Skills for Education & Career
  • Learn English with a Canadian ESL Teacher
  • Training for Academic Advisors
  • Training for Career Advisors

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  • Web Design, Hosting & Site Management
  • Web Content Creation & Repurposing
  • Site Audit & SEO
  • SEM (Google & Facebook Ad
  • Email Campaign & Marketing
  • E-Newsletter
  • Digital Media Strategy
  • Digital Marketing & Branding
  • Social Media Audit & Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Design Hub (Graphics, Interior & Architectural)


for Students And Institutions

We offer services to international students and Canadian educational institutions.
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Services we provide to the students:
  • Facilitate the admission process
  • Help with study permit with licensed immigration consultants
  • Help with IELTS preparation with international trainer
  • Research programs and institutions that match the student
  • Provide pre-arrival briefing
  • Receiving the students on arrival
  • Help with accommodations
  • Find a mentor and conduct the psychometric assessment for undecided students

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Services we provide to the institutions:
  • Find students for the institutions right for their programs
  • Help with gathering required documents from the students
  • Promote the institutions on our website
  • Write articles highlighting specific programs
  • Highlight institutions on our Facebook advertisement
  • Work with the international office in promoting institutions abroad
  • Organize a webinar for prospective students
  • Offer psychometric assessment, success strategy course, and career planning support


News & Blog

The global pandemic forced us to change our working habits. The picture shows an unidentified worker engrossed in her laptop in an unspecified location. Photo source: Google Pexels

Match your Career with Personality

Md Asiuzzaman | Blog | 28 February 2021

Do you have the right career? Did you build your career on the education path you pursued for many years? Did you identify your personality, interests, abilities, and values?

And, finally are you happy with your work?

The question comes from a survey that shows very few people, only 15% of them, are engaged in their workplace.

A global workplace survey revealed that 85% of people lack engagement with their job, making them an unhappy workforce. In Japan, the situation is even worst as a staggering 94% are not engaged at work.

To many workers, their work source isthe source of their ‘frustration.’But, they are still hanging on to survive or earn a living.


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