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We offer specialized services for International Students, Would-be Immigrants with their applications and Settlement
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Between 2010 and 2020, Canada witnessed a 135% increase in international students. In 2020, Canada received some 530,540 international students, a 17% increase from the previous year.
According to a survey, 96% of students recommend Canada as a study destination, while 60% plan to apply for permanent residency.
We work with other education partners and can help you with admission to one of around 80 educational institutions across Canada.

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Immigration Canada Process

Since 2016, more than two-thirds of Canada’s population growth comes from international migration. According to Statistics Canada, the pre-pandemic rate was 85.7% in 2019, dropping to 58% in March 2020.
To ramp up the immigration process, Canada is opening new pathways to attract more qualified applicants. However, it will take time to take the process back to the pre-pandemic level. We work with licensed immigration consultants who can file your application.

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Candian invites over 300,000 new immigrants every year. The government not only brings them as permanent residents but also helps resettle in the new environment.
The settlement services include Needs assessment and Referral, Information and Orientation, Language assessment and Training, Employment-related services, Building community and professional connections, and services to help develop sectors and community capacity.
We help new immigrants with effective Career Planning and provide necessary information before coming to Canada.

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Other Services

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What success strategy looks like
  • Student Success Strategy
  • Career Success Strategy
  • Life Success Strategy
  • Strong Interest Inventory assessment
  • Skill-based Curricula Design & Revision
  • Study in Canada as International Student
  • Canadian Immigration and Visa Support
  • Settlement Support

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  • Five-week SSS (student success strategy) Module
  • Five-week CSS (career success strategy) Module
  • Ethics – Personal and Professional
  • Soft Skills for Education & Career
  • Career Design & Life Coaching
  • Training for Academic Advisors
  • Training for Career Advisors
  • Web Journalism

Digital world
  • Web Content Creation & Curation
  • Web Design, Hosting & Site Management
  • Site Audit & SEO
  • Email Campaign & Marketing
  • Digital Marketing & Branding
  • Social Media Audit & Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Design Hub (Graphics, Interior & Architectural)
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Blog Posts

Identifying personality and interests are essential to choosing the education and career path. Photo: Unsplash

A holistic approach to student success strategy

Md Asiuzzaman | Blog | 22 July 2021

More and more educational institutions nowadays focus on students’ success strategy as apparently, it enhances student retention, academic success, and the institution’s overall reputation. 

The nearly one-and-a-half-year-old pandemic forced educational institutions to implement online classes that are part of the new normal. However, there is a debate over the effectiveness of the online vs. in-class teaching methods. 

When it comes to academic advising or career counseling, it’s challenging to achieve the desired goal of motivating and helping struggling or low-effort students.

With student success strategy, the institutions want to:

  • Inspire, motivate and assist students in achieving the highest level of student outcomes and program satisfaction