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Student Success Strategy (SSS) and Career Success Strategy (CSS) modules are available now.
Other courses coming soon.


Our Academy

The first academy was founded in Greece by Plato in 387 BC where Aristotle studied for 20 years.
It was the school of philosophy located at a site where there was an olive grove, a park and a gymnasium.
Our academy, in the 21st century digital age, is nothing like that. It is an online school to offer soft skills development courses.
According to the survey, Canadian employers now look for 60% soft skills and 40% hard skills in their new recruits. However, most immigrant coming to Canada possess 90% hard skills and 10% soft skills, which make it difficult for them to get into the labor market.
EduFirst Academy will help new immigrants as well as job seekers around the world in improving their soft skills by offering a range of courses.


Our Courses

Current offerings:

(These two courses are for academic institutions)

One-week SSS (student success strategy) module: The module includes the Strong Interest Inventory® (SII) assessment, learning how to learn, learning for certificate or mastery, how our brain works, how to avoid procrastination, time management, and how to stay motivated. The module also covers how to be active in the classroom, listening skills, note-taking with Onenote, how to keep in good health (includes breathing and healthy living exercise), and how to manage finance.

One-week CSS (career success strategy) module: The module starts with an SII assessment report. The occupational theme, personality, and interests are identified with the assessment. The module covers job search skills, writing a winning resume, mock interview, networking, resume-like LinkedIn profile, dos, and don’ts in career planning. Writing a cover letter and ‘thank you’ message is also included in the module.

Upcoming courses:

Soft Skills for Education & Career: (Course not offered yet)
Learn English us: (Course not offered yet)
Training for Academic Advisors:
(Not offered. This service is available for the academic institutions outside Canada).

Training for Career Advisors:
(Not offered yet. This service is available for the educational institutions outside Canada).

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“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

— Albert Schweitzer